La creatividad está de moda

Paul Torrance (1995) fue un incansable promotor de la creatividad. Su manifiesto para niños provee 7 ingredientes para ser mas creativo a cualquier edad.

Manifesto for Children

1. Don’t be afraid to “fall in love with” something and pursue it with intensity. (You will do best what you like to do most.)
2. Know, understand, take pride in, practice, develop, use, exploit and enjoy your greatest strengths.
3. Learn to free yourself from the expectations of others and walk away from the games they try to impose upon you
4. Free yourself to play your own game in such a way as to make good use of your gifts.
5. Find a great teacher or mentor who will help you.
6. Don’t waste a lot of expensive, unproductive energy trying to be well-rounded. (Don’t try to do everything; do what you can do well and what you love.)
7. Learn the skills of interdependence. (Learn to depend upon one another, giving freely of your greatest strengths and most intensive loves.)



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