Indice de competitividad 2008

Aqui les dejo el reporte que corresponde a Chile en el ultimo informe de competitividad. El talon de aquiles sigue siendo la educacion. Un pobre desempeno en educacion de matematicas y ciencias y una muy defieciente capacidad de innovacion son los indices que mas castigan la competitividad de nuestra economia. Aqui el reporte completo y a continuacion la cita donde se habla de Chile en el reporte.

“Chile remains at a comparatively high rank of 28, despite a fall of two places since last year, and is once again leading the region and most of the world in competitiveness. The country’s remarkable success story has much to do with its sound macroeconomic management, coupled with timely market liberalization and opening to trade, all taking place within the context of a transparent and predictable regulatory framework. Specifically, Chile has successfully laid most of the basic foundations for competitiveness, including strong macroeconomic fundamentals (14th), well-developed infrastructure (30th), efficient institutions (37th), and a good health-care system (31st in the health subpillar). Moreover it displays efficient goods (26th) and labor (17th) markets, together with a fairly sophisticated financial market (29th), buttressed by the largest pension industry in the region (worth over 60 percent of GDP). 22 All of these attributes have contributed to Chile’s “Asian style” growth rates for the past 25 years. The current challenge for Chile, which is bound to become even more pressing as the country moves up the growth path and gets closer to the technological frontier, relates to the quality of its educational system. Both basic (105th) and higher (50th) education receive middling to poor marks, which bodes poorly for the country’s capacity for knowledge generation and innovation. In particular, a well-functioning higher educational system producing a sufficient pool of skilled workers (especially scientists and engineers) is crucial not only to address the changing needs of an efficiency driven production system, but also to provide the necessary environment for technology absorption. Although Chile has significantly increased its investment in education in recent years, accompanied by rising educational attainment rates, much remains to be done to catch up with the standards of countries such as Korea, Israel, and the European Nordic countries, presently the world leaders in this area.



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