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Los estudiantes que sienten la obligacion de ayudar a sus familias presentan mejor rendimiento academico que aquellos que no sienten esa obligacion.

“We and other researchers have observed a link between a sense of obligation to the family and an emphasis on educational success during the high school years. Analyses of earlier waves of he current study indicated that regardless of their ethnic background, dolescents with a desire to support and consider the needs of the family tended to have higher educational aspirations and a stronger belief in the importance and usefulness of schooling (Fuligni, 2001; Fuligni & Tseng, 1999). In a similar manner, several ethnographers have noted that adolescents from immigrant families often construe doing well in school as a way to repay their parents for making sacrifices to come to the United States (Suarez-Orozco & Suarez-Orozco, 1995; Zhou & Bankston, 1998). Many of these adolescents believe that receiving a college degree will enable them to obtain better paying jobs so they can help support their parents and families in the future”. (p. 857)

source: Family Obligation and the Transition to Young Adulthood. Developmental Psychology2002, Vol. 38, No. 5, 856–868


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