2006-2007 Data on Jobs and Candidates at Universities & Colleges

source: Entrepreneurship and Education Network    author: Todd A. Finkle

There were 263 advertised jobs at universities and colleges for faculty with an area in entrepreneurship last year. There were only 184 advertised applicants. That’s a ratio of 1.43 jobs per 1 applicant.

More specifically there were 62 candidates who said their primary area was entrepreneurship while there was 111 positions looking for people whose primary area was in entrepreneurship. This ratio is much more encouraging for entrepreneurship faculty, 1.79:1.

When looking only at tenure track positions, the ratio goes down. There were 183 tenure track positions last year and 183 candidates seeking a tenure track position. So there was 1 job for every candidate.

Current data shows the number of jobs will be surpassed in 2007-2008 and the candidates will remain the same.

For those of you who have experience, the time may be ripe to seek out opportunities.



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