The HRD practitioner

Reflecting on my on experience and readings, I think about training only help for specifics problems. These problem are not the most common in organizations. The book of Gilley & Maycunich suggest others technologies, like rewards or appraisal systems, to solve performance problems. The suggestion makes sense, however has been hard for me to implement initiatives beyond training. So far, clients always have expected training, team building exercises, motivational speeches, and that kind of stuffs. Often, they want miraculous changes in short time. At least two months are needed to have a good diagnosis of the causes behind the performance problems. One month is not enough to test the first hypothesis. Is common to be lost at the beginning. But clients are impatient to see results. There is no results to show until a couple of months.

where we have to look for good information about performance problems and where we have to start once in the organization? I have not find good suggestions telling specifically how conduct efficient diagnosis? I do not believe in the transferability of practitioner models. Even though I have received detailed instruction about how to do diagnosis, when I have had organizations in my hand, I usually start in the wrong way. Is it me? Is it the educational system? Is it possible to teach this kind of stuff? Trying to implement HRD initiatives I have made many mistakes. Once I accepted to participate in the recruiting process of a company even though I did not know well what the company needed for that position. I worst we did not have agreement what we should find. Trying to help, I advised wrongly and lost the client’s trust partially.
An HRD practitioner has to be very sophisticate to understand organizational problems. Unlike managers, HRD practitioners need deep understanding of the conversational processes happening within the organization. Unlike motivational speaker, HRD practitioners have to know about rewards and performance appraisals systems. Having both perspectives not only requires to study both disciplines but also to experience implementing both type of solutions. HR systems and conversational processes are not taught by the same schools at college. I have found many models explaining how the HRD intervention should be done, none talk about how to start the process, where to find the information, what information expect to find, and what kinds of initiatives start first.



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