Una sociedad de emprendedores

Durante varios años de mi vida creí que emprendimiento era principal y fundamentalmente una actitud de vida. Con los años he comprendido que el emprendimiento es más que la sola actitud, también es el compromiso de crear organizaciones que traigan un beneficio a la sociedad. Organizaciones que agreguen valor al sistema y no que sean una carga de este. En EEUU se ha llegado al consenso de establecer cinco etapas en el camino de convertirse en un emprendedor experto. Los tres primeros niveles son enseñables y los dos últimos requieren experimentar en el mundo cotidiano-natural-impredecible.

Stage 1 – BASICS
In primary grades, junior high and high school, students should experience various facets of business ownership. At this first stage the focus is on understanding the basics of our economy, the career opportunities that result, and the need to master basic skills to be successful in a free market economy. Motivation to learn and a sense of individual opportunity are the special outcomes at this stage of the lifelong learning model.
The students will learn to speak the language of business, and see the problems from the small business owner’s point of view. This is particularly needed in career and technical education. The emphasis is on beginning competencies that may be taught as an entire entrepreneurship class or included as part of other courses related to entrepreneurship. For example, cash flow problems could be used in a math class, and sales demonstrations could be part of a communications class.
There is so much to learn about starting and running a business it is not surprising that so many businesses have trouble. We expect future doctors to learn their profession through years of formal study, yet we have expected small business owners to learn everything by attending weekend seminars.
At this stage, students can take time to explore business ideas and a variety of ways to plan the business. Although, it is still only an educational experience, students must gain a greater depth and breadth of knowledge than they may have from previous stages. This stage encourages students to create a unique business idea and carry the decision-making process through a complete business plan. The best programs enable students to actually experience the operation of a business as well. This stage may take place in advanced high school career and technical programs, two-year colleges where there are special courses and/or associate degree programs, and some colleges and universities. The outcome is for students to learn how it might be possible to become an entrepreneur and to practice the processes of business.
fuente: Consorcio para la Educacion del emprendimeinto, EEUU


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