stay hungry, stay foolish

The reflection about changing the world has triggered in me the reflection about what I love.As Maturana (1988) would posit, human beings change to conserve what they love. Change is not because people what to reach a new stage; it is because they are losing something they want and they need to change themselves to conserve what they are losing. This ability is what allows us to connect the dots during our life. We are in permanent change to conserve our congruency with the environment. So, when I am invited to change the world what I want to conserve through the change I propose? Diving very deep in my thoughts and feelings I find some interpretations related with the opportunities to feel the satisfaction of being alive. It may be just happiness. Yet happiness is too broad to stop the reflection there. So, I start thinking what makes me happy. It makes me happy to see poor people becoming rich. Or see unhappy people becoming happy. Searching for what makes me happy I start distinguishing between happiness and pleasure. Pleasure and happiness are very connected if are analyzed carefully, however are different things. Pleasure is related with current sensations. Happiness is related with the sense of transcendence. It is not about a present time. For example, I really enjoy having conversations with people who intellectually stimulate me. In the same way, I enjoy sharing a drink with people, watching a movie or eating tasty food. However, this sensorial stimulus lasts the time that the stimuli does. Happiness is constant, persisting when pleasures end. Pleasures cannot be permanent because would became excesses and then unhealthy. It is why happiness is very important to maintain interest in being alive. Happiness allows us to be fine even though we have no pleasures at hand. A man in search of meaning by Victor Frankl is a good example to illustrate this concept. Even when this prisoner (Victor Frankl) did not have any stimuli to feel pleasure he had a reason to be happy. In conclusion, if it is not possible living all the time receiving stimuli to feel pleasure and to achieve comfort with your life, you have to find what makes you happy. Happiness and pleasure are not the same. A positive vision of the future can help you to find peace when there are not pleasures at hand. What makes you happy is related with your personal history because change implies conservation. The first lesson for me is the invitation to distinguish between pleasures and meaning. I will keep thinking about this…



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