The innovation live in the purposeful conversation

After my group meeting I learned two things: (a) I have to further develop my time management skills to have better results from my team. I realize the need of arriving better prepared for a team meeting. For example, I could not visit WebCt during the 24 hours before of the team meeting. Therefore, I did not know what everyone had done before the meeting. It was not totally my fault because I tried to access to the system from two different places during those 24 hours, from the university computer labs and from my job. WebCt has minimal requirements that not all computers accomplish, I guess. In consequence, I need to organize my time better to have more time to check what is on Webct. I cannot trust 100% in a system that I do not know very well. I need to test the systems before to trust them. (b) The second learning was about the transformational process that must exist in order to come up with a good idea. My team was not willing to expend time talking and sharing thoughts to transform each other to come up with the best, more powerful, idea. We, as a team, were complaining about the project and the lack of directions. We were paralyzed by the uncertainty and confusion. However, we were not willing to expend time in the transformation of our minds and bodies to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The meeting was uncomfortable and remained like that. People wanted finish the meeting to leave soon.
After my team meeting finished and my partners left, I went to work with another group. That team was less confuse than my team. They were doing the mission and vision of the business and they seemed really enjoying what they were doing. They were talking, interchanging ideas, brainstorming, and transforming each other. While seeing what they were doing, I was thinking about the assignment that my group had, which was to administrate the survey for the need assessment. I told to someone in the team what I was thinking. She made a pause and began listen to me. By talking with her I change my moods and I opened my mind. By explaining what I was doing I clarify my mind and she saw my point. She replied with a couple of good ideas. We realize that we were getting a consensus. However, we knew there wasn’t the best idea yet. We needed the whole group brainstorming about the point that we just saw. So we presented what we were thinking to the rest of the team. After presenting the pros and cons of our reflection, we come up with the best idea. After 50 minutes of brainstorming and sharing ideas we created the best. We transform each other to make the best prototype emerge from the conversation. It was not a genius who tells us what to do. It was the collective, the implicit knowledge that emerged from each one.



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