It just about telling a good story

I was thinking over my car who rude can Miamians be. And my conclusion was they can be very, very rude. I was thinking about this when somebody ahead of my car couldn’t move because nobody was willing to let him moving forward. Even in countries like Chile we know cars move one after the other when coming from two different affluent of a street. This was at FIU, so it is not about low level of formal education. Five minuets later, somebody behind me desperately honks pushing everyone to move faster even though 8th Street was crowded. Couple of minutes later I almost crush somebody who turn right in front of me when the light was red. What happen here! I though. Miamians do not care about others even though most of people are others. I do not want to be a Miamian. Luckily, I am not a Miamian.

Suddenly, I realized that I feel embarrass of being a Miamian. Something happens to me when I have to tell that I live here. That is not right, I said to myself. I spend beautiful moments of my life living here. I do not want to be embarrassed about where I live during my youthfulness. I want to do something. I want to make people feel proud of living in Miami. I dream with a diverse, modern, educated, respectful, sophisticated, rich, joyful, and nice city. Be nice, be Miamian I repeat myself. Let’s recover the proud of living in the most diverse and respectful city of the world.

I know all problems are opportunities to who solve them. I know there are many people in Miami who would support an initiative to get back the proud of being a Miamian. For instance, we have a recognized entrepreneurship center at FIU who could contact us with business owners and CEO’s willing to invest in a nicer Miami. It is a big issue convinces some talented people to come to Miami just because the cultural shock. I know student organizations at FIU have a lot of money they do not know how spend it. FIU students are so busy, they only have time to complain against the world and there is no time to make the world better. Therefore, there is money waiting for people trying to do something. The president of the university will be proud if a campaign to make Miami better starts from FIU.
We will contact these people to request their help and found to finance our campaign. We will create a foundation to permanently work in education to civility. Part of this project will be to leave an organization able to implement in the future initiatives to cultivate the respect and love among Miamians. It is time to do something for somebody else than ourselves. It is time to something not only because somebody in our family die or because is cool to do it. It is time to do something just because we care about our community and we can have fun do it.

We will start getting funds and developing a campaign to show people how to be nice with others. We will start at FIU. Every corner of the university, especially every parking garage, will feel our energy. We are going to change the culture of FIU to later on change the culture of Miami.

Next steps
We will define 100 ways to stop being rude and an instrument to measure yourself how rude you are. Many Miamians will measure themselves to see how rude they are. Just playing with the rudeness-meter we will create. Then, they will receive short tips to stop being rude. Things like turning when light are red and there are many miamians needing to go home just like you. Or when you do not leave the supermarket cart where correspond. Or when you drives very slow because you are on your cell phone. Etc.

Imagine many people assessing themselves to see how rude they are. Imagine a web site making rankings about where live less rude people. Imagine going to the news to tell the story of bringing Miami’s proud back. It is not about do something. It is about to sell a good story behind what we do. This is what I am trying to do here. To create a story around our project that makes sense to our community. It is about being able of showing a future and moving the people toward the new direction. What I am learning through this reflection is that probably the story is much more important that what you do. It is not what you do; it is the narrative that you create around what you are doing. I feel now much more engage with our “Be Nice” project. Be nice, be the new Miamian.

I am looking forward to enrich this narrative with the rest of the class.

What about Be Nice using the symbol of Nike in it? If Nike gives us money of course



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