Security, opportunities and dignity: the other three quest behind mega planning

There is a fine line between pursuing free market and perpetuating social injustices. When someone succeeds in the free market the success is transferred to the family even though the heritors sometimes do not deserve it or they do not have the same talents of the fortune’s artificer. Therefore, in order to preserve the justice and meritocracy created by free markets, societies must guaranty equal access to opportunities. Equal access to opportunities is guarantied through education, employment promotions and salaries, and access to the capital. If decisions to promote or hire, educate, or lend money to people are not based in talent, then societies twist the basic fairness created by free markets. Make not sense to promote free markets if the access to salaries, promotions, capital, and education are not talent based decisions.
The other hazard free market can create is the outrage of the basic dignity of human beings. It is not 100% true when I say in other post that anyone can change their job at any moment in free markets. There are people who made wrong decisions during their lives and when they reach the 30th years old, they own more money than they can produce. These people have to decide every day between obey their bosses or go to jail, obey their bosses or become a homeless. While the boss has hundred of replacement outside waiting for that job position, the employee does not have hundred of bosses waiting for him. I can understand that depend on the employees change their behaviors or acquire new skills in order to expand their possibilities of employments. However, employees are not in the same position of power than the bosses. In order to preserve the justice create by free markets, societies must guaranty the basic dignity of people. A warm bed, food to survive, and medical assistance must be provided for those who never found their position in the free market. Anyone has to have the freedom of quit their job trusting they will have food at home for them and their children. When people do not have the basics to survive, like food, home or health, those who are more powerful in the system can abuse of them, distorting the final quest of democracy and free market.
Finally, not only those who fail in the market should have basics conditions guarantied but also those who have been extremely successful and amass fortunes. Rich people have the right of enjoying the outcomes of their effort with no fears or prejudice. They are example to motivate others. Thieves, cheaters, bluffers do not have a place in a society who pursue fairness, democracy and meritocracy. When societies warranty equal access to opportunities and respect for human dignity there is not place for people who decide take way what they do not deserve. Security and expedite justice processes must be guarantied in order to in order to preserve the meritocracy and incentives to work hard created by the free market.



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