Transformational leadership

Finally the things are getting done. I have been doing what I propose myself to do since this project started: facilitating, commanding, organizing and conceding as much as necessary in order to make this project happen. The principles of the HRD practice cannot be applied very well in short period of time. To apply HRD principles is necessary time to evaluate who need development, engage him/her in the learning process, and to assess the result of the training. In this project, in order to get the thing done is better to quickly judge who you can count on and to ignore those who could only block the path to the success. Sad but true. In short period of time it is unlikely to change the mind of someone who does not want to change. With more could be possible to use spontaneous situation to coach and push for change in people. However, short time could be enough to foster change in people who is open to listening. For instance, I am impressed with the change in one of my team partner. At the beginning of the project I had a very different opinion from her. Now, she is very open mind to listen to interpretations that can help her to be better person and professional. The key in her change I think has been she understood it is possible to manage her moods. She went from the angry produced by his perception of injustice to the peace and ambition to deal with the reality such as the reality is. I saw her during the process of this class trying to make justice about how much work were doing the different members of our team. That thirst of justice was blocking her ability to give the best of her to this group effort. As a group leader, I had not only one low performer in my team but also I was losing one high performer because she was unable of dealing with her angry. I focused on help her to understand how enchained she was to the person she wanted to change and how this situation affected her performance. She saw the situation increasing her performance. I would say this is a good example of transformational leadership. I made the time to show her a new interpretation for a specific situation that she did not like.



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