Experiencing the uncertainty

I know this course is a great opportunity to practicing skills and abilities. I like the possibility of identify in myself feeling associated with the moments that my team is living. In this post I describe a meeting that I prepare carefully.
Past Tuesday June 5th I had the chance of implementing what I was thinking about the “be nice” project. However, it was not easy.
I had a plan in mind that I wanted to share with my team during the class of June 5th, so I requested eveyone to stay in the classroom after the presentation about online learning. In that meeting I was looking for the opportunity to make this project something interesting and useful for me. I wanted to find the way of persuading my team with good arguments and a powerful vision.
The goal of the meeting of June 5th was to do the assignment # 4 and to assign roles for the members. Previously to our meeting, I had talked with two of my team partners about my plan and the way we should distribute responsibilities. Despite my desire to solve issues and move forward, it was impossible to reach any result during the meeting. The team was frustrated. They needed directions from a formal authority, not from me. They did not perceive the utility of the meeting. Regardless I realize of a general feeling of frustration, I presented my ideas to the group. Nobody agreed with me. We did not do the assignment or reach any conclusion about what the responsibilities for the future should be. I had specific ideas for this project, but nobody seemed interested.
Even though I know the whole class is about reflection and practice, I was frustrated. My body cannot distinguish between training and reality. I felt the anguish. The anguish that came from the gap between what I was expecting and what finally happened. I was expecting people listen ideas, distributing responsibilities, and fulfilling goals. I got nothing.
Despite my first shoot failed, after my team left, I decided to stay in the classroom to listen what was happening with the other teams. I said: “I have to change my emotions and moods about this project. I know this project is about the process of organize people and I have a good chance to practice my abilities here.” So I did. I redesign my moods, stayed in the classroom and started listening carefully what other groups were doing. Those 30 seconds analyzing what was happening gave me a good sense of how redesign my moods and emotions. It was a powerful insight.



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