Design and management of yourself

Human beings are biologically structured to live in groups. Those groups have been always led by someone. Companies are organizations of human beings, they basically accomplish the mission of provide protection and food to the people that belong them. Ontologically, there is not difference between a modern organization and the oldest tribes. Theoretically, there was a first human being who influenced others to organize them and to obtain food. That was strategic planning.
One the most interesting thing I found about mega planning is the reflection about means, end, strategic, tactical, and operational planning. What is a mean, and end? When we are in the operational level and when we are just adjusting our tactics? The answers to these questions frame the situation of the organization and orient it toward possible actions, which of course lead to possible results. I wish in this post to bring these questions to ask ourselves about our ends, means, tactics, and strategies. I think this is the core of the ability of managing oneself in order to be able of leading strategically others. Peter Drucker talked first about the need of managing oneself as the distinctive ability of the manager of the 21 century. Since strategic planning it is the exercise of make a vision real and vision are human desires, there are not ends beyond what human beings want. the strategic decision is always a human decision linked with basics human desires.
Individual change and self stem.
Nobody requires changing anything to increase quality of life and productivity, the only thing that it requires is to increase the self-awareness about means, end, and strategies pursued. All change that is result of a purpose of change is counter-productive. Any conscious intention of change is sustained in the negation of the human being who wants to change. If you want to change yourself because you do not like something of you. Can you find the strength to change if you do not love what you are?
The new interpretations of management require of systemic thought, the doing constitute a being and the being constructs the doing. As long as we became aware what are ours means, end and strategies we can incorporate new practices that reform the system that we constitute and initiate the spiral knowledge that triggers change. I called this process self management or self-planning and it is the key of the development of abilities to lead organizations strategically.
There are many schools of leadership that adopt different formulas to explain how an individual can influence another. I propose the short way to learn how to influence strategically others is to learn how to influence yourself. When people understand the dynamics of influencing themselves they start understanding the dynamic of influencing others because they acquire a deep understanding of the context where humans interact. Individuals learn how to influence themselves when they understand their life objectives and they incorporate or develop models to reach those objectives.
Self management is the ability of an individual to act according to which it declares is good for him/her, adjusting permanently his declarations or their actions based on what he obtains from a changing environment. This permanent adjustment has as a final mission, to live – the greater possible time- comfortable with they life lived. Self management is a dynamic process because implies to fits declarations or acts in real time whenever is experienced a disorienting dilemma product of the intersection of conversations – with others or your self – that happen to the person.



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