Democracy, free market and reflection

Every person needs to have fundamentals beliefs in order to take faster decisions. People who do not know their beliefs cannot make decisions. Decisions are based in desires and desires are articulated in belief. Weeks ago we were talking about assumptions in class. Than moment I wrote my fundamentals beliefs to build better societies and organizations. I identify three ideas as the columns to make my decisions in life. Democracy, free market and reflection are for me the pillars to build healthy societies.
Democracy is the government of the majorities with the chance of the minorities to dispute the power. Democracy is the best system because the truth does not exist beyond the consensus. Since I am a constructivist, I think that nothing is real but an interpretation that people do of what their senses perceive. Senses can fail and we cannot know when our senses are failing. During years the humanity believed the sun revolved around the earth. It was senses, in this the eyes what feed that belief. It was so obvious that the sun goes around the earth, but they were wrong. How many mistakes do we make today because our senses indicate it? In fact, science is based in the information that the scientists can collect and interpret trough their senses. If we cannot trust our senses then we cannot trust in one person truth. Everyone can fail. Therefore, in order to protect ourselves from mistakes we have to trust the future to the majority. Despite the majority could take wrong decisions, it is better than follow wrong decisions from one person. The truth of the majority is only one but the individual truths are many. If we all decide to respect the majority, even though we can fail, we can still be in peace with each other.
Free market is the economical system that I like. Free marker is the economical version of the democracy. Free market is the democracy of the talents. Free market allows people to compete for being the best, not necessarily to make more money but to serve others. Since free marker is never absolutely free and fair, I believe in the intervention of the state to make it as free and fair as possible. I am pro market, no pro business. I want to business competing, not lobbing to take advantages of those who are just starting or have less capital but can be more talented. It is why I believe in the state helping to make the market free and fair. For instance, I will tax 50% any heritage because I believe heritages make the market less free. However, I know that transfer your fortune to your family can play a role motivating entrepreneurs to succeed in business. My last column to built better societies is continuing reflection. I do not believe in revolutions because when the revolutionary win they will impose their will like the former powerful did. Revolutionaries have nothing different that currently controllers of the system. Then, I believe in reforms not in revolutions. I believe in people thinking about the systems they created and commit to improve the system permanently. The improvements for the system can only be implemented if people take time to reflect about the outcomes of the system in which they live. Reflection is the only path for change because change can only be seeks by wiser people. To pursue a change I have to evolve from who I am now, like Einstein said, the person who solve the problem cannot be the same who create it. Change that is result of a purpose of change cannot be good because the start point is the rejection of the person who desires the change. Change has to be triggered by acceptation. Only after you accept and love what you are now you can become something better, when you become someone better the change happen spontaneously. Since change is systemic, if you change imposing the change to yourself, your system will push back in some way. Only when you expand your consciousness and become wiser, the change comes without bad consequences. For this change happens, reflection is the tool.



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